Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Root Beer

Errands earlier today required a treat for both of us. I tagged along to Home Depot(my handyman has fixed yet another broken home fixture....the blinds!) and Matt came grocery shopping. Root Beer was the order.

Having grown up eschewing A&W early on for IBC, I appreciate a good rootbeer. But I wanted to get away from high fructose corn syrup and drink something, that although an indulgent treat, did not contain synthesized mass-market ingredients. I find that most craft rootbeers are too medicinal-tasting and too thin in the mouthfeel department for my tastes.

Usually we get Virgil's. We love Virgil's. Virgil's is creamy and full-flavored with many layers, strong vanilla, and nutmeg and anise the prominent flavors. But today Matt suggested we try Boylan's (we were both impressed by the family-run since 1891 part). We have a new favorite Root Beer! It's just creamy enough without coating the mouth as much as Virgil's. Boylan's mouthfeel is smooth, but not thin. The flavors are more balanced, but just as layered here and the subtle vanilla melds nicely with a prominent tingly spicy overtone.

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