Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lobster and Truffle Oil....simple decadence

Good Brunch today! Met up with Huy and Saewon at North St. Grille in the North End. Lobster omelet with truffle oil, parm and chives was my favorite (unfortunately that was Matt's meal, but the lucky duck was kind enough to share with me). The truffle oil wasn't overpowering thankfully as I've noticed some chefs can get pretty heavy handed with this stuff (less is more folks!). And they didn't skimp on the lobster, which was obviously cooked and stored properly as evidenced by its sweetness and tenderness without a hint of fishy-ness or or a texture similar to all-weather tires. The chives and parm did what they were supposed to and supported the main players in their aromatic and salty goodness. They need to pay a bit more attention to their toast...not even warm at all and would be best categorized as dried out floppy bread, not toast. Also, if they are going to back off on the AC for whatever reason....that's OK with me....but open a window!

Matt and I will miss Huy and Saewon....but we'll be visiting them in Jersey soon!

SO this blog thing...sort of weird. Not sure what shape its going to take yet. Probably the random stuff of food, music, beer and the other joys of life whether created by Matt and myself or enjoyed by us. Also a good dose of what has recently earned me the nickname "Hospitality Avenger". (anybody want to make me a cape?). I have been on many sides of hospitality/customer service/not-being-a-total-idiot/social responsibility since I started working in my teens. I have very strong opinions on what constitutes acceptable hospitality and what is bone-headed and stupid. (okay, so I have strong opinions on pretty much everything....hence the inevitable blog). And I'm talking about hospitality in the broad sense...whether it is dealing with a dining establishment, retail store, telemarketer or simply the narcissist driving in the lane next to you who thinks he's the only person driving that day and you might as well be an orange cone he can yell yet.

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