Monday, July 21, 2008

I Give Thanks to the Farm and the Farmini

Tonight I made a meal of Spaghetti Carbonara with decadent farm fresh eggs from my mother's hens. (I used to think of my mother's modest livestock as a farmini...but since she's prepping to get a couple lambs this year, it might just move up a rank to a farm, not just a farmini). Used all natural bacon instead of pancetta and breakfast as dinner took on a potent salty and unctuous character that filled our bellies well.

Had the last of some pea tendrils from the farmer's market...a little olive oil, some garlic, grape tomatoes and red pepper flake gave us a powerful flavor and vitamin kick at the end of the meal.

Hopefully the Sox will do what they are paid to do and prolong this satiated feeling tonight.

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