Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am learning so much about home improvement from Matt. Such as, whatever many trips to Home Depot you THINK you might need is the same number of trips that you think you need for moving. It will be at least double what you think. Maybe even triple. However, Matt is focusing in on exactly which plinth block he wants and we seem to have finally found a rosette that matches one already in the kitchen. (In addition to the home depot trips were also a trip to lynn lumber, and a discussion of a trip to Lowe's). Demo work is to begin soon, that is if Matt's broken toe feels better (also since I dropped my computer on said foot with's still a little touch and go).

Speaking of focusing in on stuff....soon I will be free of the Green Monster, blown clutch and all, and will be leasing a new car. Me. In a new car. I'm pretty excited, but trying calm myself by this Friday when we will be spending the day wheeling and dealing and I need to play it cool. I've spoken on the phone with a handful of car salespeople and as I suspected, they can be wonderful, helpful and informative folk, or downright sneaky and would not think anything of lying to get you to come in to their dealership (as one car salesman in Boston did). Luckily I've had some suggestions from people who know the good kind, and I'm looking forward to speaking with sane people later this week.

Oh, and before the Green Monster performed her Swan Song I had a great visit with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Tilman and Buddy.

Cindy joined us for one of Aunt Lisa's great light summer dinners. White Cucumbers called Pearls from Uncle Tilman's garden with Shrimp and Dill and light creamy dressing. Tomato and Corn Salad with a Caper Vinaigrette. Watermelon for dessert. I had seconds of everything!

Here's Buddy, the newest addition to the family!

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