Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life is Good....let's keep it that way!

We spent the afternoon at the Life is Good Festival on Boston Common. What a well done festival by those folks...they know what they are doing. Also saw two great concerts by Melvin Sparks and Robert Randolph and The Family Band.

BUT....the latter concert was well attended by people mostly standing up or sitting off to the sides so as not to get in the way of those standing up....WHY then, in the MIDDLE of the crowd would a few people set up a LARGE blanket, and then two lawn chairs BEHIND the blanket and then stand NEXT to the blanket and dance and stand??? I would understand if they were staking out a piece of space for friends to join them...but NOOOOO. Just the three of them in enough space for at least six people to stand closer to the stage and enjoy the show. I tell ya...

I used to be a smoker. Happily I am no longer a smoker. But I still understand how people "need" a cigarette. OK. No Problem. (well, yes a problem, but that's a nother day) But why, oh, WHY would some one light up a cigarette with a small child sitting not but five feet away from you? Sure, it bothers me too, but it is a free country, and the outdoors are up for grabs...but how stupid and arrogant and self-centered is a person that sees a toddler sitting next to them and still lights up cigarette after cigarette??

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