Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beer Rye Bread

Mom used to make this all the time for me and I missed it so I asked her for the recipe. I figured it would be pretty fun to make bread with homebrewed beer. The saison we have right now I felt was a good choice due to its spice and interesting yeast strain. The saison worked beautifully in the bread, combined with the molasses it has a sweetness that is still savory and also incredibly mouthwatering. The finished bread is malty, with a nice amount of rye (the flour used is half rye, half white), and powerfully tangy and slightly sweet caraway seeds. It is perfect for snacking with a sharp cheddar cheese where the creamy milky-ness and earthy nuttiness complement the malty tang of the bread. (when Mom made this for me I would inhale an entire loaf and block of cheddar in one sitting...I had more self restraint last night, making it an after dinner snack)


  1. Is the photo foreshortened, and it is a larger loaf than the scale of the slices in the foreground would suggest? Did you make one or two loaves from the amount of dough you made?

  2. I made a batch with a total of 3 cups of flour. I made two loaves. I was rustic (that's a nice word for sloppy, right?) in shaping them and the loaf I cut was a flatter than the one in the photo.