Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sundried Tomato aka Pizza Panini

New panini! It has been awhile since I put together a new panini, and that is just wrong. Luckily...I'm going to make it right again.

Yesterday I was poking around in the fridge for something to use up in a panini of sourdough and munster. Found an open jar of halved sundried tomatoes in olive oil. First, I blotted the excess oil off of the sundried tomatoes with a paper towel. After a rough chop, I arranged them in a generous layer over the thick slices of munster cheese. A finishing touch of Northwoods Fire Seasoning, a brush of olive oil to both sides of the panini and a quick grill and press makes a hearty lunch with a side salad.

Matt called this a "pizza panini". Due to the herbal components of the seasoning blend, and some garlic, oregano, and basil packed with the sundried tomatoes, the flavor profile is quite similar to that of a classic cheese pizza. Definitely a new addition to the panini repertoire.

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